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Action Pistol

This is not just shooting at Steel Plates or Poppers.  This is an action Pistol Event that combines Timed shooting, Moving and Multiple types of target engagements.  Paper and Steel.

1st Sunday of every Month at 12 noon till 4. 

Conducted on the New 100 Yard Range

A Timed draw from the holster event shooting at steel targets or paper Targets at various distances. 

New Format:

The action pistol program will be taking a slight change in format. The first half of the day will be focused on skills building for competitive action shooting. Each week, some fundamental skills of action pistol shooting will be introduced and attendees will be able to leave with an assessment of their performance. We can use this as a baseline for measuring improvement.

The first program will be held at 12 o’clock on Sunday April 7th.  If anyone is willing to help with set up, I will be there at 11 AM. We will be able to accommodate 15 attendees, on a first-come basis. If you would like to attend, please contact the match director at the email address below.

We hope to see you there.

The second half of the program will be focused on applying the skills through a competitive stages/course of fire. We will be using IDPA and USPSA style targets. I also hope to have steel targets included as soon as possible.

The first program will look at three competitive skills assessments:

1. First shot draw time.

2. Bill drill

3. El Presidente

Equipment requirements:

- Belt mounted holster (Shoulder holster rigs will not be allowed)

- belt mounted magazine carrier

- at least three magazines

- 125 rounds of ammunition

- centerfire pistol preferred

If attendees do not have the above equipment, don’t worry, we will accommodate. Don’t buy any equipment before the program as we will discuss equipment needs for action shooting.

First Sunday of every month at 12:00 
Cost: $10.00 entry.  Shoot the whole event.

 APRIL 7, 2019 Start Time 2:00 PM

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